Check out the latest ClinicianApps features and modifications…

New OHIP Billing and Physician Scheduling Features
Web 3.8.3 (Released February 1, 2018)

WEB-9476 – Added new file types to the MOHLTC downloads

WEB 3.8.2 (released December 14, 2017)

WEB-9421 – Additional codes added to the E409/E410 inclusion list

WEB-9415 – Additional codes added to the list of services that require a diagnostic code

WEB-9400 – Updated the integration API

WEB-9387 – ReST find claim by account number added to integration API

WEB-9386 – ReST find claim by GUID added to integration API

WEB-9376 – Fixed a bug with icons in the appointment scheduler

WEB-9349 – ReST create claim object added to integration API

WEB (released November 6. 2017)

WEB-9368 – Patch to fix API classes for integration in Production

WEB 3.8.1 (Released November 2, 2017)

WEB-9370 – Modified label font size and positioning
WEB-9363 – Moved the label ‘Close’ button so that it is within the print label dialog
WEB-9286 – API production validation and testing
WEB-8898 – Added new MOHLTC file types (RAI, ADD)

WEB (released October 29, 2017)

WEB-9368 – Patch to fix API classes for integration in Production

Web 3.8 (released October 26, 2017)

Multiple – Rebranded CAIS to ClinicianApps
Multiple – Added the Acute Pain Service module to ClinicianApps
WEB-9110 – Login screen now fits 1024×768
WEB-9058 – Fixed menu buttons in Scheduler
WEB-9048 – Added new codes to the list of services that require a diagnostic code
WEB-8998 – Fixed an error that indicates an appointment must be selected even when one is selected
WEB-8997 – Fixed an error that occurs when Scheduler first opens
WEB-8929 – Made changes to the ClinicianApps loading screen
WEB-8924 – Fixed some prescription formatting issues relating to the pharmacy address
WEB-8881 – Fixed an bug that caused error codes to not appear on the Claim Report
WEB-8874 – Fixed some text relating to the rebranding changes
WEB-8873 – Made the patient health card version code field wider
WEB-8858 – Searching for patients is no longer case sensitive
WEB-8853 – Admin settings now allow for section of multiple applications
WEB-8773 – Claims that are in Ready To Send can no longer be edited
WEB-8693 – Changes can now be made to the pharmaceutical database at the facility level
WEB-9266 – Double tapping within the Patient Medical Record (PMR) now works on tablets
WEB-9262 – Updated some facility numbers
Multiple – Added the CPMAS document to the Patient Medical Record

WEB 3.6.4 (Released February 16, 2017)

WEB-8892 – Added an admin feature that allows for changing account number prefixes and checks for duplicates
WEB-8861 – Added 795 to the diagnostic code list
WEB-8860 – Added W010 to the list of services that require an admit date

WEB 3.6.3 (Release February 9, 2017)

WEB-8919 – Default idle threshold is now set to 30 minutes automatically
WEB-8918 – Added a new section to the Admin for mobile application settings
WEB-8917 – Added a Mobile setting for the number of minutes of inactivity before the quick-sign-in screen appears
WEB-8916 – Added a messaging widget to the application dashboard
WEB-8915 – Created a messaging widget for the web browser interface
WEB-8914 – Created a speech bubble interface for the message auditing in the admin section
WEB-8913 – Created a messaging audit feature in the admin section
WEB-8883 – Changed some text on the login screen
WEB-8882 – Changed the image on the login loading screen
WEB-8878 – Added a feature that lets the users change MCEDT passwords for all billing physicians with the same credentials at the one time
WEB-8877 – Added a duplicate check for PBA account prefix when adding a new user
WEB-8876 – Documents downloaded from the MOH are now facility based
WEB-8869 – Fixed a bug with the scheduler appointment types for a new facility
WEB-8868 – Changed the “CAIS” branding to “ClinicianApps”
WEB-8826 – Added A480A to the list of services that require a diagnostic code
WEB-8804 – Added C042, C047, C049 to the E083 inclusion list
WEB-8782 –  Fixed a bug that caused a server error when changing a procedure date
WEB-8776 – Fixed a bug that caused some PDF reports to download in CSV format
WEB-8753 – Increased the width of the Drug Formulary in the facility admin to show all information
WEB-8741 – Fixed a bug that caused only 7 templates to appear on the template list
WEB-8727 – Fixed a bug that cause some appointment types to disappear

CAIS 3.6.2 (Released October 27, 2016)

PBA > Fixed an error that occurs when entering a macro code with no date.
PBA > Changes made to the Physician phone numbers in the Physician Settings now save properly.
PBA > Added A481A, R979 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
PBA > Added A590A to the list of services that require a referring physician.
EMR > Fixed an error that occurred when attaching a file while using Mozilla Firefox.
EMR > The create document list is now empty if no documents are selected for the facility.
EMR > Removed some Encounter links that are no longer required.
PBA > The provider information now appears automatically on the printed invoice when applying a payment, adjustment or write-off to a Direct claim.
PBA > Fixed a problem where the service date was no longer automatically set to the last service date for a new claim.
Scheduler > The default note duration is now a facility setting.
PBA > The Create and Transfer MOH File button is no longer enabled for users who do not have the appropriate permissions.
PBA > Time units now update when the start time is changed and the stop time is the same.
PBA > Increased the width of the name column in the referring physician search result.
PBA > Added C983 to the list of services that require and admit date and facility number.
PBA > Optimized the patient search for faster results.
Scheduler > The patient’s referring physician now appears on the billing sheet.
EMR > Fixed a problem when creating a new document that already exists.
EMR > Changes made to the SLANSS document now save.
Scheduler > Clinics with no access to MCEDT and HCV will no longer see the EBS validation error when adding a new patient.
EMR > Encounter documents can now be edited.
EMR > The Encounter document date and time stamps are now accurate when multiple documents are created.
Scheduler > Referring physicians that are added during patient setup now get added to the appointment automatically.
PBA > You can now change the physician’s relationship to the patient (ie from Family Physician to Referring Physician).
PBA > Patients with an status of Inactive are now automatically set to Active when a claim is submitted.
EMR > The Create document feature has been simplified and added to the Encounter history section.
PBA > Updated the facilities list to the latest Master Numbering System.
EMR > Fixed a problem where some of the document thumbnail images overlapped the document name.
EMR > Empty contact numbers are no longer set to null on the prescriptions.

CAIS 3.6.1 (Released August 25, 2016)
  • PBA > Added claim reconciliations to the claim report.
  • PBA > Fixed issues with the Claim Error Report.
  • EMR > Removed the Sort and Tweak options from the encounter history section.
  • EMR > Fixed an actionscript error when selecting a dispensing duration for a drug.
  • EMR > Fixed a rendering issue when selecting a patient from the search results.
  • EMR > Added the patient phone number extension to the prescriptions.
  • Patient > Added an additional confirmation dialog when trying to delete a patient address.
  • Scheduler > Fixed an error with the days of the week for new users when using the recurring appointments feature.
  • PBA > Added the physician’s city to the referring physician search results.
  • PBA > Added Z532, S236, A601 and C601 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
  • Created the Chronic Pain Intake Referral form.
  • Created the pain location indicator for the Brief Pain Inventory questionnaire.
  • Created the Brief Pain Inventory Short Form questionnaire and PDF document.
  • Created the SLANSS questionnaire and PDF document.
  • Created the PHQ-4 questionnaire and PDF document.
  • EMR > Added a Medical Directive number to the prescriptions for Physician Assistants.
  • PBA > Added a link to the Schedule of Benefits website in the Search SOB tab.
  • EMR > Updated the patient summary screen to use the latest user interface.
  • PBA > The list of payment files now changes when the selected billing physician is changed.
  • Encounter History > Document thumbnails are no added when new documents are created.
  • Encounter History > Scale document interpretations now render at the bottom of the documents.
  • The order of the CAIS module tabs has been changed.
  • Added the Physician’s Assistant user role to CAIS.
  • Scheduler > Added a facility admin setting for the default scheduler note duration.
  • Created the PSEQ questionnaire and PDF document.
  • Created the TSK questionnaire and PDF document.
  • Created the COMM questionnaire and PDF document.
  • EMR > The user phone number and role has been added to the Recent Patients list.
  • APS > Patients can now be enrolled into the Acute Pain Service Manager.
  • APS > The user interface has been updated and improved.
  • Scheduler > Fixed the status icon for rescheduled appointments.
  • Physician > Billing numbers can now be added to existing physicians that have no billing number in CAIS.
  • Surgeon > The next enrollment feature has been added to the surgeon portal.
  • EMR > Optimized the user interface when loading the recent patients list.
  • Login > Fixed an error when clicking the Cancel button in the forgotten password window.
  • Patient > The patient’s list of physicians has been moved from the patient level to the facility level.
  • Patient > Fixed a server error when adding a new payor.
  • PBA > Added C092, C097, and C099 to the E083 inclusion list.
  • Middleware > Optimize middleware by refactoring to use RESTful web services.
  • EMR > Added Clinical Connect data to patient chart.
  • EMR > Refactored the Clinical Connect lab integration.
  • EMR > Updated the ORT document to use the latest.
  • PBA > Adjusted the fee for the S316C service.
  • EMR > Fixed an error when users who are not schedule-able resources open the EMR.
  • Scheduler > End date for block times are now automatically adjusted when the start date is changed.
  • Scheduler > The end date is now automatically set to the same as the start date when selecting a date range for reports.
  • Login > Fixed an error caused by entering an incorrect username and then clicking into the username field.
  • Scheduler > The show mine / show all toggle in List View is now set the previously selected view on next login.
  • PBA > The selected patient’s information now appears in the header.
  • Scheduler > The patient’s phone numbers now appear in the header.
  • PBA > Direct claims that are paid in full now automatically move to the archive.
  • Scheduler > When an appointment is added or changed the main scheduler view now navigates to the date of the appointment.
  • Scheduler > Use the latest used referring physician as the patient default.
  • Added “Nurse Practitioner Functionality” to the nurse role permissions.
  • Scheduler > The Time Range Validation error message has been changed.
  • Scheduler > Appointments created from pending appointments now render on the schedule immediately.
  • EMR > Changes to patient information now render immediately on the dashboard when updated.
  • EMR > Added Intrathecal to the list of available routes for Hydromorphone 50mg.
  • PBA > Patient status now appears in the header.
  • PBA > Created the Patient History form and PDF.
CAIS 3.5.5 (Released May 19, 2016)

CAIS-8267 – Resolved an error when finding an available time slot for an appointment.
CAIS-8265 – The E021C code is now 9 units instead of 4.
CAIS-8260 – Fixed an error caused by pressing the Enter key in an empty referring physician field.
CAIS-8256 – The advanced claims overview search now works.
CAIS-8255 – Resolved a performance issue in middleware.
CAIS-8254 – The Find Available appointment feature now works for the first listed physician.
CAIS-8253 – Appointment intervals are now pre-configured and can be selected from a drop-down.
CAIS-8252 – Added better exception handling for rest middleware resources.
CAIS-8250 – Fixed an issue with the version code reverting back after a change.
CAIS-8249 – When Direct claims are paid, adjusted or written off the claim invoice PDF now opens automatically.
CAIS-8248 – Added a Print Invoice button to archived direct claims.
CAIS-8240 – Added a Billing Service section to the Administration module with a minimum dollar value setting.
CAIS-8232 – Claims created from the Scheduler now include the last selected Facility.
CAIS-8226 – Spaces can now be added to searches using double quotes.
CAIS-8202 – Billing Service status is now part of the claim details.
CAIS-8197 – New appointments added for other physicians no longer get added to the Show Mine view of the Waiting Room widget in the EMR.
CAIS-8189 – The Patient Chart button in the patient search window now works.
CAIS-8188 – Removed the Appointments option from the Reports section of the Print menu.
CAIS-8187 – Changes to the patient demographic information now appear on the printed labels.
CAIS-8186 – Mobile or Other phone number will now print on labels if there is no Home phone number.
CAIS-8183 – Changes to the patient demographics now render immediately in the Patient Search screen.
CAIS-8173 – The left and right navigation arrows now skip hidden days while in the List View of the Scheduler.
CAIS-8172 – Changes to the list of viewed clinician schedules now save while in List View.
CAIS-8133 – The “visible in CAIS header” note no longer appears in the patient details section of PBA.
CAIS-7994 – Note prescriptions now appear in the list of encounter documents in the patient chart.
CAIS-7954 – The EMR header now refreshes after editing the patient demographic information.
CAIS-7933 – Added an Edit Patient link to the patient chart summary window.
CAIS-7205 – Fixed an error when navigating between days in the Scheduler List View.

CAIS 3.5.4 (Release May 4, 2016)

CAIS-8221 – Removed the MedMessenger and Task Manager sections from EMR. They will be reintroduced after the features are completed.
CAIS-8209 – The dispensing information now appears on the prescription when a custom number of days is used.
CAIS-8210 – The Edit Patient link and MOH validation icon are now enabled after selecting a patient for a claim.
CAIS-8212 – Physicians with no OHIP number no longer appear in the referring physicians search results.
CAIS-8211 – Reduced the delay when selecting a patient from a different facility.
CAIS-8214 – The auto-generated prescription instructions now only refresh when the contributing data are changed. Edits will remain if there are no recalculations initiated.
CAIS-8215 – Patient address information now appears in the patient search screen.
CAIS-8222 – The new MedMessenger icon has been removed for this release.
CAIS-8216 – Referring physician information now appears when hovering over an appointment.
CAIS-8217 – Changed the label font and made it darker so that they’re more clear when being faxed.
CAIS-8175 – Created the main interface for the new Billing Service Module of CAIS.
CAIS-8162 – Added the framework for a new Billing Service module to CAIS that will allow Medtel to track down unpaid or partially paid claims on behalf of physicians and billing agents.

CAIS 3.5.3 (Released April 26, 2016)

CAIS-8182 – Printing future appointments no longer includes past appointments.
CAIS-8181 – MOH validation now works after tabbing out of the version code field.
CAIS-8180 – Darkened the font colour in the appointment boxes to make it more clear.
CAIS-8179 – Fixed an error when dragging appointments to different time slots.
CAIS-8142 – The RAI remarks field now allows for multiple lines.

CAIS 3.5.2 (Released April 21, 2016)

CAIS-7166 – Scheduler appointments in Day View now appear in List View.
CAIS-7230 – Fixed a horizontal scrolling issue in the Scheduler List View.
CAIS-7419 – Fixed an issue with entering short dates in the date control.
CAIS-7420 – The billing icon link no longer appears if the scheduled physician is not a billable physician.
CAIS-7434 – Appointments now render after login.
CAIS-7450 – Claims are created and appear in PBA after setting an appointment status to Completed.
CAIS-7764 – Patient search now considers last name, first name combinations.
CAIS-7886 – Appointment list is now complete.
CAIS-7889 – Appointments no longer disappear after navigating to a different day and then back.
CAIS-8050 – The billing practice name no longer appears twice in the patient details header.
CAIS-8076 – Patient status is now automatically set to Active when an appointment is created.
CAIS-8077 – Fixed a bug that caused appointments to move after editing patient demographic data.
CAIS-8078 – New appointments now render immediately on the schedule.
CAIS-8083 – Fixed some validation issues when adding a new patient.
CAIS-8088 – Added appointment totals to all calendar views.
CAIS-8093 – Fixed a rounding issue when making a payment to Direct claims.
CAIS-8097 – Fixed a cursor focus problem after tabbing into the version code field.
CAIS-8101 – Reintroduced the creation information to the edit appointment dialog.
CAIS-8109 – Fixed the date selector in Scheduler.
CAIS-8112 – Delete appointment is now working.
CAIS-8113 – Fixed a server error caused by trying to bill for an appointment that does not have a valid billing code.
CAIS-8116 – Block times can now be scheduled for physicians.
CAIS-8117 – Fixed an error when accessing PBA from Scheduler for the first time.
CAIS-8119 – The patient chart icon now appears when you hover over any part of the appointment box.
CAIS-8120 – The claim creation information now appears in the appointment status history.
CAIS-8131 – Fixed a server error when saving an edited appointment.
CAIS-8135 – Fixed an incorrect patient gender error when swiping a health card.
CAIS-8136 – Fixed an error when swiping a health card after a healthcare number has already been entered.
CAIS-8137 – Fixed a validation error when getting data from a card reader.
CAIS-8138 – Swiping a health card in Scheduler now adds a new patient.
CAIS-8140 – Fixed a problem that caused stop times to change.
CAIS-8141 – Fixed an error caused by pressing the Enter key or search icon rapidly and repeatedly when searching for a patient.
CAIS-8148 – Fixed a server error when navigating from Scheduler to PBA.
CAIS-8164 – Fixed an error when creating a pending appointment.
CAIS-7325 – Added “Every Day” to the recurring appointments options.
CAIS-2807 – Adding appointments now considers the appointment time interval when adding the current time.
CAIS-7441 – Introduced the Add button to the Pending Appointments screen.
CAIS-7658 – Redesigned the Pending Appointments interface.
CAIS-7841 – Added R147 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-7849 – Added N189, R878 and R684 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-7969 – Added a subtotal line to the Statement of Account report.
CAIS-8001 – Removed caching from the Scheduler.
CAIS-8009 – Split the different Scheduler views to separate tabs.
CAIS-8015 – Optimized the appointment box renderer.
CAIS-8043 – Refactored the appointment item renderer.
CAIS-8052 – Increased the number of patient search results.
CAIS-8059 – The Statement of Account now uses Procedure date instead of creation date for all calculations.
CAIS-8063 – Disabled accounts no longer appear in the MRP lists.
CAIS-8065 – The MOH auto-populate feature now works in Scheduler.
CAIS-8069 – Added G332 to the list of services that require a referring physician.
CAIS-8072 – Added the appointment History item to the right click menu.
CAIS-8073 – Removed the mismatched physician warning when editing an appointment.
CAIS-8074 – Double clicking an a date in the Month view now opens that date in Day View.
CAIS-8079 – Appointment notes now wrap in List view.
CAIS-8080 – Appointments now refresh immediately after saving changes when the appointment is double clicked.
CAIS-8081 – Cleaned the billing icon images.
CAIS-8082 – Added a confirmation dialog when automatically updating a patient to Active when creating an appointment.
CAIS-8084 – Replaced the old Postal Code control with the new one in the Add Address dialog.
CAIS-8085 – Newly added referring physician is now added to the appointment automatically.
CAIS-8090 – Added the Schedule and Delete options to the Pending Appointments screen.
CAIS-8091 – Changed the Advanced Search to Appointment search.
CAIS-8100 – Cleaned the database by removing area codes for empty phone numbers.
CAIS-8111 – Changed all references of Note Appointments to Notes.
CAIS-8118 – Added spacing between column headings and edge of table.
CAIS-8121 – Users who do not have to correct privileges will not be able to set an appointment to Complete.
CAIS-8126 – Dashes and apostrophes can now be used in patient searches.
CAIS-8132 – CPSO numbers can now be 5, 6 or 7 digits.
CAIS-8145 – E636 has been added to the E409 inclusion list.
CAIS-8146 – The appointment status and appointment type have been removed from the Note hover box.
CAIS-8147 – The View Note button is now disabled when there is no note selected.
CAIS-8157 – Removed Note and Note Appointment from the Appointment Types list.
CAIS-8158 – The Billing Code is no longer a required field in the Appointment Type setup screen.
CAIS-8068 – The last selected view is now the default view when a user logs in to CAIS.

Web PBA (Patch released March 29, 2016)

CAIS-8066 – Enabled the Create and Transfer MOH Files link

Web PBA 3.5.1 (released March 28, 2016)

CAIS-8046 – Added R943 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-8042 –  Database performance upgrades.
CAIS-7945 – Description added to patient notes section.
CAIS-7879 – Fixed issues with the captchas at the password reset screen.
CAIS-7869 – Claims Awaiting Payment are no longer editable.
CAIS-7863 – Fixed a minor issue with data importing.
CAIS-7850 – Added K730, K731, K732 and K733 to the list of services that require a referring physician.
CAIS-7846 – Fixed a minor integration problem.
CAIS-7833 – Fixed a font issue with the RA report in FireFox.
CAIS-7750 – Non-Canadian citizens can now be added using the ID option in the Province dropdown list.
CAIS-7625 – Fixed an error caused by selecting an American physician with a UPIN number as a referring physician.
CAIS-7614 – Fix a minor problem with cursor focus on the login screen.
CAIS-6700 – Fixed an error when submitting a claim that was created using a template.
CAIS-6677 – Manual health card validation triggered in the Patients tab are now part of the audit log.
CAIS-4780 – Added a Notes section to the patient information dialog.
CAIS-8018 – Fixed an actionscript error when modifying a claim.
CAIS-8053 – Fixed an invalid parameters error when logging in.
CAIS-8061 – Fixed an actionscript error when adding a new patient.
CAIS-8051 – Cursor focus now defaults to the OHIP number field when adding a new patient.
CAIS-8034 – Exact matches now appear at the top of the patient search results.
CAIS-8039 – The cursor no longer disappears after deleting a claim.
CAIS-8030 – The patient gender field is now a dropdown list and can not free text is no longer allowed.
CAIS-8041 – Patient MRN no longer appears as N/A in the Patient Detials section.
CAIS-8040 – Fixed a minor issue that sometimes caused the Facility Chart Number to disappear after a manual health card validation.
CAIS-7981 – Fixed a bug that caused several dialogs to open after clicking the Report button after processing MOH files.
CAIS-8010 – Added the Forgotten Password feature.
CAIS8007 – Pressing the Enter Key or clicking out of the Username field now triggers a username search.
CAIS-8037 – Added the Facility Chart Number and patient phone number to the long chart label.
CAIS-8002 – Added the foundation for the new Medtel Billing Service feature that will allow Medtel to resolve unpaid claims for enrolled clients.
CAIS-8047 – Added A600 to the E082 inclusion list.
CAIS-8083 – The K187 and K188 codes now have a maximum of 1 unit.

Web PBA (Patch Released Mar 16, 2016)

CAIS-8023 The Facility Chart Number field can now be edited.

Web PBA (Patch Released Jan 15, 2016)

CAIS-7831 – Patch to fix the disabled interface features after an error message.

Web PBA 3.4.1 (Released Jan 14, 2016)

CAIS-7826 – Fixed a defect that caused an actionscript error when double clicking a patient name in the search results.
CAIS-7821 – Users can now update their MCEDT password without entering their old password.
CAIS-7820 – The Z944 code was added to the E410 inclusion list.
CAIS-7818 – Fixed a defect that caused an error when trying to print a manual invoice.
CAIS-7816 – Added C190 to the E082 inclusion list.
CAIS-7815 – Added C192, C197, C199 to the E083 inclusion list.
CAIS-7814 – Added C202 to the E083 inclusion list.
CAIS-7808 – Added several new codes to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-7807 – Added A645 and A646 to the list of services that require a referring physician.
CAIS-7805 – Fixed a defect that added duplicate services to claims.
CAIS-7802 – Updated to the latest Schedule of Benefits (Dec 2015).
CAIS-7799 – Added several new codes to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-7781 – Users can now edit the service fees in place.
CAIS-7777 – Added new codes to the E082 and E083 inclusion lists.

Web PBA (Patch Released Dec 23, 2015)

CAIS-7770 – Patch to add C895A to the E082 inclusion list.

Web PBA 3.4 (Released Dec 22, 2015)

CAIS-7761 – Fixed an Advanced Report bug for line items with no services.
CAIS-7760 – Fixed an ActionScript error when trying to create a Statement of Account report with no selected physician.
CAIS-7754 – A report PDF now opens when the Generate Report button is clicked for Advanced Reporting
CAIS-7749 – Removed the MOH healthcard validation for Direct claims.
CAIS-7748 – Fixed an ActionScript error that sometimes occurs when trying to close the Create Paper Invoice dialog.
CAIS-7747 – Added R877 and R875 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-7745 – Resolved a validation error when clicking the Cancel button in the patient information dialog.
CAIS-7739 – Advance Reporting testing for the Claim and Patient reports.
CAIS-7730 – Modified the Advanced Reporting query to only use the necessary search criteria.
CAIS-7729 – Fixed a bug that prevented some claims from being deleted.
CAIS-7728 – Change some labels and titles on the Statement of Account report.
CAIS-7727 – Historical notes are now sorted with the latest note appearing at the top of the list.
CAIS-7720 – Created the Patient List report PDF for the Advanced Reporting feature.
CAIS-7719 – Created a database query for the Advanced Reporting Patient List report.
CAIS-7713 – Imported the patient and services Advance Report search criteria to the database and made the parameters more generic.
CAIS-7709 – Created the Claim Summary report PDF based on user defined search criteria for the Advanced Reporting feature.
CAIS-7708 – Created an dynamic renderer for the Advanced Reports.
CAIS-7705 – Made a criteria search list based on the available database fields.
CAIS-7695 – Created the Advanced Search user interface.
CAIS-7691 – Advanced Reporting back end logic.
CAIS-7679 – OHIP billing options can now be applied to Nurse Practitioners.
CAIS-7677 – The Ignore Stale Date feature now works.
CAIS-7675 – Nurse Practitioner was added to the list of OHIP Specialties.
CAIS-7671 – Fixed a bug that caused the Partial Pay report to not open for some users.
CAIS-7660 – Modified the alert dialog user interface so that it can be shared with mobile applications.
CAIS-7655 – Fixed a bug that allowed Scheduler shortcut commands to work in PBA.
CAIS-7654 – The patient name, gender, date of birth, and health card expiry date now auto-populate when adding a new patient via the Add New Patient dialog.
CAIS-7626 – The select referring physician list now closes after selecting a referring physician.
CAIS-7544 – Add A957 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-7432 – Added several new codes to the list of services that require an admit date.
CAIS-7411 – When a new patient is added the Most Responsible Practitioner is automatically set to the current billing physician.
CAIS-7410 – The title is now automatically set to DR when adding a new referring physician.
CAIS-7408 – Updated the RAI from to the new specifications issued by the MOH.
CAIS-7396 – Add a fee to the Z100 service.
CAIS-7377 – Added a Billable Physician privilege to the PBA user roles.
CAIS-7365 – MOH health card validation no longer occurs if the province is not set to Ontario.
CAIS-7361 – MOH health card validation no longer occurs for RMB claims.
CAIS-7275 – Fees can now be manually edited for Direct claims.
CAIS-7267 – Shortcut commands now work.
CAIS-7252 – Added mouse scrolling to all patient demographic lists.
CAIS-7096 – Resolved some validation warning issues in the patient information dialog.
CAIS-5476 – Replaced Advanced Search links with buttons for user interface consistency.
CAIS-4719 – Added the Statement of Account report.

Web PBA (Patch Released Oct 15, 2015)

CAIS-7386 – Resolved an issue that caused a claim to not open.
CAIS-7417 – Batch Edit Reports now open.

Web PBA (Patch Released Oct 07, 2015)

CAIS-7399 – Resolved an error when adding a new facility/client.
CAIS-7371 – Updated to the latest Ministry of Health Schedule of Benefits.
CAIS-7369 – The E409A to E413A codes no longer exceed one unit.

Web PBA 3.3 (Released Sept 30, 2015)

CAIS-7338 – Added U995 to the list of services that require a facility.
CAIS-7337 – Fixed a server error that occurred when saving a claim.
CAIS-7296 – Resolved an issue with services for the current day.
CAIS-7282 – Added K708 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-7278 – Patient info now renders on Patient Information screen for RMB claims.
CAIS-7277 – Alpha-numeric healcare numbers now render correctly in the patient information screen.
CAIS-7274 – Focus is now set to the Yes button when the First Item Edit screen opens.
CAIS-7273 – Resolved an issue where the claim is still visible after the session expires.
CAIS-7264 – Resolved an error that occurred after clearing the start and stop time then tabbing out of the fields.
CAIS-7260 – Patient age now appears in the patient information screen after the date of birth is added.
CAIS-7258 – Resolved issues with validation warnings on the date of birth control.
CAIS-7257 – Fixed a server error caused when the patient healthcare province is set to Alberta and the healthcare number is not unique.
CAIS-7256 – Eleven digit health care numbers are now allowed when the province is set to Alberta.
CAIS-7255 – Cursor focus now moves to the OHIP field automatically after selecting a program.
CAIS-7254 – Fixed an error when trying to edit a Facility Quick Code Template after logging in through a different CAIS module.
CAIS-7251 – Service codes are now cleared after a Quick Code Template is deleted.
CAIS-7250 – Fixed issues with validation warnings for Last Name, First Name and DOB fields.
CAIS-7249 – Fixed a validation problem with the Code field in the Quick Code Details screen.
CAIS-7244 – Patient gender can now be added directly in the claim entry screen if the patient gender is not already set to Male or Female.
CAIS-7242 – Updated the subject line for auto-generated emails sent to the user.
CAIS-7241 – Removed the General User role from the list of available user roles in the Administration module.
CAIS-7240 – Macro code dollar amounts are now included in the claim totals that render on the screen.
CAIS-7229 – Corrected the spelling of Remuneration on the Group Month Analysis Report.
CAIS-7225 – Added F200 and N548 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-7224 – Moved the location of the sum total on the Direct Claims report.
CAIS-7178 – Resolved a server error that occurred when adding G272B and G693B services to a claim.
CAIS-7160 – Add a Select All feature to the Select Physicians screen.
CAIS-7146 – Fixed issues with the report header and footer for the Group Month Analysis report.
CAIS-7141 – Cursor focus location is now always visible in the services grid.
CAIS-7137 – Direct Claims reports can now be created for claims prior to November 2013.
CAIS-7133 – The right column in the Direct Claims report was changed from a running total to a sum total.
CAIS-7131 – Fixed layout issues with the Direct Claims report.
CAIS-7130 – Removed the Excluding Before feature from the Direct Claims report.
CAIS-7125 – Pressing the Enter key when the focus is in the Facility or Billing Physician fields on the login screen will trigger the login.
CAIS-7112 – Data based on the user’s defined criteria is now set  into the Direct Claims report.
CAIS-7111 – Added several new Z codes to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-7107 – Created the data query and processing for the Direct Claims report.
CAIS-7102 – Fixed an Actionscript error when submitting a claim.
CAIS-7092 – The E082 premium now calculates automatically with the A130 and C130 services.
CAIS-6949 – Updating the Procedure Date Uses Today’s Date feature now works immediately after changing the setting.
CAIS-6948 – Added C963 and C986 to the list of services that require an admit date.
CAIS-6947 – Added A130 and C130 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-6946 – Other service information is no longer cleared after changing the service code.
CAIS-6929 – Resolved an issue where the E401B premium did not include the C988B services after the PR box was checked.
CAIS-6881 – Changes made to the height and weight now persist.
CAIS-6854 – Only the physicians included in an RA payment file are now listed.
CAIS-6853 – The list of RA files in the Group Reconciliation screen now only includes files that included the Billing Physician.
CAIS-6846 – The physician City field in the user administration module no longer clears after save.
CAIS-6845 – The physician name in the Patients tab now refreshes after changing the billing physician.
CAIS-6829 – Invalid data warnings now appear when invalid data is added to the physician information screen.
CAIS-6820 – The font size of the billing physician’s name in the header section of the application is now uniform.
CAIS-6818 – Added a new privilege for uploading and downloading MOH files to the user admin settings.
CAIS-6793 – Removed the professional services from the E409 and E410 inclusion lists.
CAIS-6786 – Corrected the Fee/Base/Time for each professional and technical service code.
CAIS-6782 – All report footers now include the name of the user that created the report.
CAIS-6781 – Auto-validation of a patient’s health card now happens after 90 days.
CAIS-6780 – Unbalanced and Unclaimed report can now be created even if claims exist in the To Reconcile section.
CAIS-6765 – Created a new Direct Claims report that is sorted by patient name.
CAIS-6758 – Created the header and footer for the Monthly Analysis report.
CAIS-6757 – Created the structure for the main sections of the Monthly Analysis report.
CAIS-6750 – Fixed an error that caused a date heading to appear in the claim archive even though there were no claims in that date grouping.
CAIS-6702 – Added the patient’s middle name to the Direct claim paper invoice.
CAIS-6701 – Added titles to the From and Bill To names.
CAIS-6693 – Added previous RA payment files to the data import tool.
CAIS-6690 – Resolved an error caused by adding random characters in the OHIP search field and then pressing the tab key.
CAIS-6689 – The auto-populate from MOH feature after tabbing out of the version code fields now works for WSIB claims.
CAIS-6688 – Empty fields are now automatically populated when the patient health card is validated with the MOH.
CAIS-6675 – Referring physician is automatically added to the claim after being added to the patient demographics.
CAIS-6668 – First letter of some fields in the physician demographics screen are now capitalized automatically.
CAIS-6667 – Health card is now validated automatically after tabbing out of the version code field on the claim entry screen.
CAIS-6666 – Fixed a grammatical error in the Credential Not Found error message.
CAIS-6663 – Rearranged the Patient Information fields so that they are in the same order as the Claim Entry screen.
CAIS-6661 – PBA now remembers the user’s last used billing physician when navigating between CAIS modules.
CAIS-6656 – Pressing keyboard shortcuts repeatedly now only performs the associated task one time.
CAIS-6655 – Consolidated several MCEDT error messages into one standard error message.
CAIS-6648 – User can now select one of multiple From addresses for a Direct claim invoice.
CAIS-6635 – Added column headings to the Group Details report.
CAIS-6605 – Added A471, A922, Z587, S815, Z587 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-6581 – Unpaid Accounts report and Top Services report now render correctly.
CAIS-6579 – Fixed spelling errors in the Group RA File Summary report.
CAIS-6494 – Fixed an alignment problem in the Billing Summary report header.
CAIS-6488 – Resolved an issue with the data import that set the fax number as the mobile number.
CAIS-6486 – The weekend or holiday premiums are now added automatically for the G247A service code.
CAIS-6476 – Referring physicians with numbers in their names will no longer be added during data imports.
CAIS-6475 – Referring physician billing numbers now render correctly when a physician is added to a facility that has a US locale and viewed in a facility that has a Canada locale.
CAIS-6474 – Fixed a bug that allowed duplicate referring physician to be added via the Claim Entry screen.
CAIS-6473 – Removed the UPIN validation warning for Canadian facilities.
CAIS-6467 – Modified the Direct billing Payor list table by adding a table heading and changing the sort order.
CAIS-6433 – The E826 premium now adds an additional 75% for the services in the claim.
CAIS-6401 – Imported referring physician data will be added to empty fields where a physician already exists in the database.
CAIS-6400 – Improved the PBA import tool for referring physician data.
CAIS-6399 – Resolved an alert message issue when navigating from the Picture tab of the patient information screen.
CAIS-6397 – Physician billing number entered into a physician search is automatically added when adding a new physician.
CAIS-6392 – The search icon in the Claims Overview section is now disabled if the search field is empty.
CAIS-6382 – Removed the Show $ Totals option from the physician application settings and added the Restrict: Hide $ Totals privilege to the user administration.
CAIS-6379 – Resolved a bug that didn’t allow text input into the login screen fields even though the cursor was flashing.
CAIS-6370 – Patient phone numbers now appear on the printed invoice for Direct claims.
CAIS-6364 – Created the Group Month Analysis report.
CAIS-6360 – New services added to an existing claim now use the same service date as the other services on the claim.
CAIS-6181 – Lengthy descriptions in the Quick Code template that are truncated now show the entire description on hover.
CAIS-6179 – Special characters added between quotation marks in the referring physician search are now included in the search.
CAIS-6149 – Duplicate referring physicians have been merged.
CAIS-6139 – Alpha-numeric health numbers or ID number now appear in the patient information screen.
CAIS-6135 – Added missing EDT error codes.
CAIS-5541 – The Templates button is now enabled even when a claim is not started.
CAIS-5476 – Change some button labels.
CAIS-5405 – Changed the text font weight in the Search Claims Criteria dialog.
CAIS-5352 – Added a special feature that allows the user to submit a claim to the MOH that doesn’t include a patient.
CAIS-5320 – Fixed an issue with Scheduler to PBA integration when the claim is deleted in PBA.
CAIS-5060 – Fixed an Actionscript error that occurs when changing the billing physician while in the Patient Details screen.
CAIS-5056 – Removed the duplicate footer information at the bottom of the Patient Details screen.
CAIS-5037 – Adjustments can now be made to claims with an outstanding amount of zero.
CAIS-4788 – Adding a new out of province patient now validates the number of digits or characters in the healthcare number based on healthcare province.
CAIS-4782 – Added live data into the Negative Balances Report.
CAIS-4777 – Holding the CTRL key and clicking into the Gender control will now clear the selected gender.
CAIS-4774 – Removed the additional border around the physician demographics dialog.
CAIS-4770 – Fixed a rendering issue when changing the colour scheme.
CAIS-4766 – Macro codes are now editable.
CAIS-4758 – Default payment program feature has been added.
CAIS-4756 – OHIP Card reader can now be used to add or update a patient.
CAIS-4733 – Removed unnecessary validation messages when an invalid start or stop time is entered.
CAIS-4727 – The version code field is now disabled until a valid health card number is added.
CAIS-4726 – Fixed a server error that is triggered by using quotes in a search string in the Claim Search field.
CAIS-4723 – Added the error codes to the Claim Report dialog, Claim Report, and Claim Entry services table.

Web PBA (Patch Released Sept 16, 2015)

CAIS-7306 – Added processing support for ‘S’ type and ‘F’ type payment and error files.

Web PBA (Patch Released July 20, 2015)

CAIS-7072 – Fixed a defect that caused the E400 premium to calculate incorrectly on the screen.
CAIS-6926 – Fixed a rounding error when calculating the E401C premium.
CAIS-6925 – Fixed a defect that did not factor the correct number of decimal places when calculating the E400C premium.

Web PBA (Patch Released July 8, 2015)

CAIS-6930 – Removed A173, C173, A174 and C174 from the list of services that require a referring physician.
CAIS-6919 – Added E078 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-6898 – Added A130 and C130 to the list of services that require a referring physician.
CAIS-6897 – Fixed a defect that caused E409 premiums to no longer be added automatically.

Web PBA (Patch Released July 1, 2015)

CAIS-6863 – Added new services to the E083 inclusion list.
CAIS-6862 – Added new services to the E082 inclusion list.
CAIS-6861 – Added new services to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-6859 – Added new services to the list of services that require a referring physician.
CAIS-6804 – Added new services to the E082 and E083 inclusion lists.
CAIS-6747 – Resolved a duplicate account number issue for physicians with solo and group accounts.
MISC-992 – Resolved a memory leak issue.

Web PBA (Patch Released June 10, 2015)

CAIS-6763 – Fixed a defect that added a base fee and time units to some flat rate services.

Web PBA (Patch Released May 26, 2015)

CAIS-6694 – Removed the validation that checks for start and stop time that is later than the current date and time.

Web PBA 3.2.2 (Released May 25, 2015)

CAIS-6687 – Fixed a defect that caused an invalid OHIP number error during validation.
CAIS-6684 – Updated the OHIP Schedule of Benefits (May 2015).
CAIS-6674 – Existing Patient or Payor address can now be selected for Direct claims.
CAIS-6673 – Fixed a defect that caused the claim entry patient name and date of birth fields to clear after adding the new patient.
CAIS-6665 – OMA Fee percentages for Direct claims now apply correctly.
CAIS-6626 – Removed checkboxes that were next to the Edit and Delete links in the Template Details dialog.
CAIS-6621 – Claims no longer recalculate after changes are made to the top section of the claim.
CAIS-6341 – Services with start and stop times greater than the current date and time generate an error message.
CAIS-5666 – Patient name, gender and date of birth now auto-populate after adding the OHIP number and Version Code.
CAIS-5553 – Manual health card validation checks now show the results even if there is no error.
CAIS-5532 – Fixed a “null cannot create instance” error during health card validation.
CAIS-5415 – The Change Claim icon is now disabled if there is no active claim.
CAIS-5351 – The column width on the MOHLTC Hx screen have been adjusted to reduce the amount of text wrapping.
CAIS-5318 – Fixed the cursor focus after swiping a health card.
CAIS-5226 – The Create and Transfer MOH File link is now disabled if the Bill For physician does not have and MCEDT username and password set up.

Web PBA (Patch Released May 14, 2015)

CAIS-6662 – Fixed an null pointer error when downloading files from the MOH.

Web PBA 3.2.1 (Released May 13, 2015)

CAIS-6647 – Fixed a defect that caused the Claim Report to not open.
CAIS-6640 – Fixed an ActionScript error that occurred when adding a new patient.
CAIS-6635 – Added column headings to the Group Details report.
CAIS-6634 – Added a security statement to the group reports.
CAIS-6542 – Fixed a user interface defect that caused February claims to not appear in the Archives.
CAIS-6502 – Each physician is now added to a separate page in the Reconcile Error report.
CAIS-6501 – The physician name now appears on each page of the File Detail report.
CAIS-6460 – Fixed a defect that caused payments to not render on the Claim report.
CAIS-6448 – Fixed an error when printing a Direct Invoice.
CAIS-6434 – The City field now persists when adding a patient address.
CAIS-6407 – Fixed a defect that caused the default service code to appear when no default was indicated.
CAIS-6405 – Fixed a mapping issue with phone numbers for the Direct Invoice.
CAIS-6402 – Fixed an error when saving a new patient.
CAIS-6393 – Updated the OHIP Fee Schedule Master.
CAIS-6391 – Changed the ‘State’ label to ‘Province’ and ‘Zip Code’ to ‘Post Code’ in the Payor Programs screen when the facility is set to CANADA.
CAIS-6390 – User can now search for an existing Payor.
CAIS-6389 – The Add Payor button now opens a blank Add/Edit Payor dialog.
CAIS-6388 – The Payor ‘Address Street’ has been replaced with ‘Address Line 1’ and ‘Address Line 2’ fields.
CAIS-6387 – The database has been configured to allow for searching a reusing Payors.
CAIS-6386 – The Add and Edit buttons in the Create Paper Invoice screen now open the Add/Edit Address window directly.
CAIS-6385 – The Direct Billing 3rd Party Cases feature has been replaced by the new Payor Programs.
CAIS-6384 – The Patient Demographic Information 3rd Party tab has been replaced by the new Payor Programs tab.
CAIS-6375 – Fixed a problem that blocked the addition of a new facility to the database.
CAIS-6373 – Implemented a new ‘Add’ button to the Create Paper Invoice screen to allow for adding a new Payor.
CAIS-6372 – The Reason for Transaction comments now persist.
CAIS-6368 – Fixed a defect that caused ‘N/A’ to appear when Quick Code Template descriptions are blank.
CAIS-6367 – Added 150%, 200%, and 300% to the list of fee percentages.
CAIS-6362 – Added the Group OHIP Messages report.
CAIS-6361 – Added the Group Reconcile Errors report.
CAIS-6358 – Added the Group File Detail report.
CAIS-6357 – Added the Group File Summary report.
CAIS-6356 – The RA information now appears in the Group Reconciliation report.
CAIS-6354 – Added the ‘Select Payment’ feature to the Group Reconciliation screen.
CAIS-6353 – The ‘Select Physicians’ list now includes all of the physicians included in the group RA payment file.
CAIS-6339 – The ‘Yes’ option is now selected by default when asked to if you want to update all dates in the Claim Entry screen.
CAIS-6338 – Fixed a defect that caused errors when changing a user password.
CAIS-6337 – Fixed a tab focus issue when changing a user password.
CAIS-6232 – Updated the E083 and C472 fee amounts.
CAIS-6141 – Fixed an error that occurred intermittently when clearing the Claims Overview search field.
CAIS-5944 – The name of the creator now appears in the footer of the Direct Invoice.
CAIS-5522 – The number entered into the OHIP search field is now pulled into the OHIP field in the Add Patient screen after searching for a new patient and clicking the Add Patient link.
CAIS-5465 – The phone and fax number controls in the Create Paper Invoice screen have been replaced.

Web PBA 3.2 (Released April 8, 2015)

CAIS-6394 – Fixed a defect that caused N/A to appear in the diagnostic code look-up table.
CAIS-6380 – Fixed a defect that caused the user session to remain active after logging out.
CAIS-6314 – Added additional security to the claim search.
CAIS-6262 – Only alpha numeric Patient ID numbers can now be added for Direct claims.
CAIS-6182 – Fixed a defect that allowed the Quick Code Templates window to be dragged off screen.
CAIS-6180 – The patient list search parameters is now consistent with other search fields.
CAIS-6178 – Fixed a defect that caused a server error when printing a Direct claim invoice.
CAIS-6177 – Fixed a defect that caused the Facility and Referring Physician search results to extend beyond the visible screen space.
CAIS-6175 – Moved the duplicate claim check from the facility level to the physician level.
CAIS-6174 – Replaced the search field in the Add Referring Physician dialog with the same control that is in the claim entry screen.
CAIS-6151 – Fixed a defect that caused an error when the Print Invoice button is clicked.
CAIS-6149 – Merged some duplicate referring physicians.
CAIS-6146 – The Submit Claim icon is now disabled when there is no claim open.
CAIS-6145 – Fixed a problem with RMB claims that caused a duplicate healthcare number error.
CAIS-6144 – Fixed a defect that caused the Province indicator to disappear after an RMB claim is submitted.
CAIS-6142 – Changed the layout of the Payment By Pay Program report for consistency.
CAIS-6140 – Fixed a defect that caused an error when replacing a service with a macro.
CAIS-6139 – Alpha-numeric patient ID’s now appear correctly in the patient information screen.
CAIS-6134 – Fixed a defect that caused the claims in the Awaiting Payment section to disappear when the Claims Overview search is refreshed.
CAIS-6075 – Changed the date range labels in the Awaiting Payment section.
CAIS-6072 – Quick Code Template labels are now completely visible.
CAIS-6053 – Lengthy facility addresses are now completely visible in the Patients screen.
CAIS-6029 – Claims that are past 90 days will now get resubmitted even if there are no claims in Ready to Send.
CAIS-6022 – Added the new ADF error code.
CAIS-6020 – Fixed a defect that caused an error when pressing the Enter key in the referring physician search field.
CAIS-5840 – Made the Claims Overview Search field parameters consistent with the other search fields.
CAIS-5827 – The Diagnostic Code search results are now listed in alphabetical order.
CAIS-5826 – When reprinting a Direct claim invoice, the addresses and comments no longer need to be reentered.
CAIS-5824 – Fixed a defect that caused multiple windows to open when holding the keyboard shortcut keys.
CAIS-5753 – Updated the Physician phone number labels in the Administration module so that they are consistent throughout.
CAIS-5685 – The number of search results has been increased to 15.
CAIS-5675 – Payments for Direct claims can now exceed the outstanding amount.
CAIS-5671 – The Referring Physician search now allows commas (ie last name, first name)
CAIS-5499 – Empty Report links for error files have been removed.
CAIS-5471 – Pressing the Delete key while the cursor focus is in the Total and Paid columns now opens the Delete Procedure confirmation.
CAIS-4232 – The Claims Overview advance search by service date now works.

Web PBA (Patch Released March 13, 2015)

CAIS-6152 – Fixed a defect that caused referring physicians to not appear in the search results.
CAIS-6153 – Added Z787, Z766 and A920 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.

Web PBA 3.1.4 (Released March 11, 2015)

CAIS-6136 – Fixed a defect that caused a server error when adding a new patient via the claim entry screen.
CAIS-6120 – Fixed a problem with group processing during RA payment process.
CAIS-6104 – The E420 premium now adds 50% for E005.
CAIS-6027 – Changed the column headings in the Pay Program Report for clarity.
CAIS-6026 – Fixed a server error that occurs when entering a single character in the referring physician search field.
CAIS-6021 – Added Z080, A920 and P045 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-6016 – Fixed a defect that caused the cursor focus to move to the comments field after adding a new service code.
CAIS-5964 – Patients enrolled in a different facility now appear in the search results on the Patient screen.
CAIS-5960 – Payment date on Claim Entry screen now displays the correct date after payment is processed.
CAIS-5956 – Entering an OHIP number for a patient from another facility and then pressing the tab key will now automatically select the patient.
CAIS-5954 – Added P020 and A815 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-5897 – All patient search fields nowt require that the user press the Enter key or click the search icon to initiate the search.
CAIS-5894 – Added a MOH Service ID option to the User Administration screen to accommodate users that are part of a service group.
CAIS-5860 – Macro codes can now be used as a default service code.
CAIS-5851 – Fixed a server error that occurred when clicking the arrow in the Code field.
CAIS-5848 – The E386 code now adds 40% for major decompression procedures.
CAIS-5831 – Added a new feature that allows users to update MCEDT/GoSecure passwords from the Claim Entry screen.
CAIS-5830 – Claims older than 90 days will now be resubmitted every 90 days rather than at each submission.
CAIS-5807 – Fixed a defect that caused more than one error message popup to appear.
CAIS-5731 – Fixed a defect that caused manually processed claims to appear in the incorrect date grouping.
CAIS-5676 – Direct claim amounts now appear in the Payment Programs report.
CAIS-5672 – Fixed a defect that caused the Code to disappear after clicking out of the Code field on the Quick Code Details screen.
CAIS-5665 – Added K630 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-5653 – Fixed a defect that allowed users to enter text in the Facility and Bill For  dropdown controls on the login screen.
CAIS-5651 – Fixed a defect that allowed users to use PBA in the background while administration and facility messages were open.
CAIS-5646 – The patient’s default diagnostic code is now used even if a macro has a default diagnostic code.
CAIS-5558 –  The Province field now only appears if the selected Program is RMB.
CAIS-5521 – Fixed a spelling mistake on the loading screen.
CAIS-5492 – Patient searches now use the comma more effectivvely (ie Lastname, Firstname).
CAIS-5490 – Fixed a grammatical error in the footer of the Login screen.
CAIS-5473 – Fixed a defect that caused the total number of claims to disappear from the Claims Overview after clearing a search.
CAIS-5460 – Fixed a defect that caused the Quick Code Template instructions to not always appear.
CAIS-5443 – Added a tooltip to the Check Premiums option in the Physician Application Settings.
CAIS-5349 – Default physician is now checked automatically for the Billing Summary Report and To Reconcile screens.
CAIS-5346 – The patient search field now clears when switching between CAIS modules.

Web PBA (Patch Released February 11, 2015)

CAIS-5967 – Fixed a defect that caused claims to remain In Progress after submitting to the Ministry of Health.

Web PBA (Patch Released February 9, 2015)

CAIS-5949 – Fixed a defect that caused claims to remain in Awaiting Payment after processing payment file.

Web PBA (Patch Released February 2, 2015)

CAIS-5864 – Fixed a defect where the R025C code should show 10 basic units but only showed 1.
CAIS-5890 – Added a MOH Service ID field to the database to accommodate facilities that have their own MCEDT account.

Web PBA (Patch Released January 19, 2015)

CAIS-5846 – Fixed a defect that was removing manually added ASA premiums from claims.

Web PBA (Patch Released January 17, 2015)

CAIS-5825 – Resolved an issue that prevented Group Payment files from being processed.

Web PBA 3.1.3 (Released January 14, 2015)

CAIS-5821 – Add K187, K188, K189 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-5785 – Add A895 to the list of services that require a diagnostic code.
CAIS-5764 – The cursor focus now moves to the Code column of a default service after tabbing into the services table.
CAIS-5722 – Fixed an error that occurred when the Paper Invoice button on the Move or Adjust Claim dialog was clicked.
CAIS-5721 – Fixed an error caused when clicking the Claim Report button for Direct claims.
CAIS-5720 – Fixed a defect that cleared the Paper Invoice comments when adding a new address.
CAIS-5677 – The user administration EBS username and password labels were changed to MCEDT Username and MCEDT Password.
CAIS-5674 – The patient search field now recognizes the part of a search strings that comes after a comma or space.
CAIS-5673 – The Show Descriptions option in the Quick Code Templates screen is now a user preference.
CAIS-5663 – Fixed a defect that caused some font to be distorted in Internet Explorer.
CAIS-5645 – Fixed an error that occurred when typing in the Default Diagnostic Code in the Billing Defaults screen.
CAIS-5561 – Fixed a defect that caused the printing of a claim report to not appear in the Claim History.
CAIS-5560 – Fixed a defect that prevented a Direct claim invoice to print on a MAC computer using the Safari browser.
CAIS-5545 – The Manual Review Form now uses the correct user’s Office Contact Name and Phone Number.
CAIS-5524 – The services table now sorts by service date, then by service code suffix.
CAIS-5523 – User can now edit a new patient’s OHIP number before the Save button is clicked.
CAIS-5496 – Patient search now accepts the [lastname][comma][firstname][space][middlename] format for a search string.
CAIS-5482 – Fixed a defect that caused referring physician information to print outside the printable area of a Referring Physician label.
CAIS-5481 – Fixed a minor issue with the message text for the Reject Code #13.
CAIS-5487 – Fixed a defect that caused data to display in some Patient Details fields when no patient was selected.
CAIS-5477 – Fixed a defect that caused a claim to not render in the Claims Overview section after submitting the claim while using a date filter.
CAIS-5469 – Short-cut commands now work for claims with services that total $0.00.
CAIS-5468 – The Change Claim Status icon (pencil) is now disabled when a claim with no services is selected.
CAIS-5442 – The Show $ Totals toggle now works.
CAIS-5407 – Fixed a defect that caused claims to not render in the Claims Overview section after manually moving them from In Progress to Awaiting Payment.
CAIS-5332 – Fixed a defect that caused claims in the Claims Overview section to not render after changing the Bill For physician.
CAIS-4724 – Fixed several defects that caused the Advanced Search to not function correctly

Web PBA 3.1.2 (Released December 17, 2014)

CAIS-5549 – Allow patient ID that contains letters for Direct claims.
CAIS-5547 – Fixed a defect that sets the ASA class to the previously selected value after clearing the field and tabbing out.
CAIS-5546 – Added a feature that will automatically select a referring physician if the physician OHIP number is entered into the search field and the tab key is pressed.
CAIS-5543 – Fixed a defect that displayed “null” if the facility address fax number is empty in the Patient Consent form .
CAIS-5539 – Removed the duplicate alert message when closing the Add Patient dialog.
CAIS-5538 – Fixed a defect that caused a “null cannot create instance” error during Health Card Validation.
CAIS-5537 – Changes to an OHIP Version Code are now added to the Version Code Audit History log.
CAIS-5524 – Services now sort by service date, then suffix.
CAIS-5520 – The width of the OHIP number field in the patient information screen has increased.
CAIS-5500 – Fixed a column display issue in the Claim Summary Report when one of the selected physicians has an empty result set.
CAIS-5498 – Fixed a defect that caused errors when adding a new patient.
CAIS-5497 – Incorrect values no longer appear in the Awaiting Payments section when search string is not found.
CAIS-5496 – User can now search for a patient by patient last name (comma) patient first name.
CAIS-5494 – Health card validation is no longer triggered when manually moving a claim back to the Ready to Send section.
CAIS-5493 – The version code in the claim entry screen is now updated after the user changes it using the edit pt feature.
CAIS-5487 – Fixed a defect that caused and an alert/error message when logging in to an application other than PBA and then navigating to PBA.
CAIS-5484 – If either of the patient height or patient weight are empty, the BMI now remains blank.
CAIS-5464 – When adding a new physician, the Billing # entered on claim entry window is now added to the Physician Demographics screen.
CAIS-5462 – Fixed a defect that disabled tabbing when focused move to the Claim Detail Dx column.
CAIS-5451 – The Check Premiums default setting feature is now working.
CAIS-5437 – The User Administration interface now allows OHIP group numbers that contain letters.
CAIS-5413 – Fixed a defect that caused a server error when adding a custom code to a template.
CAIS-5393 – Fixed a defect that caused a patients’ names to appear twice in search results.
CAIS-5365 – Fixed a defect that stopped a user from entering a city name that isn’t in the database when editing an existing address.
CAIS-4634 – The patient list and patient list search box is now cleared when the user leaves the Patients tab
CAIS-5649 – Changed the Health Card Validation General Notification Error message. It now offers suggestions for resolution.
CAIS-5459 – Fixed a defect that caused the Default Diagnosis to now work for some physicians.

Web PBA (Patch released December 8, 2014)

CAIS-5502 – Fixed a defect that caused the procedure date for the ASA class service to change to the current when the claim is moved to Ready to Send.

Web PBA (Patch released December 2, 2014)

CAIS-5502 – Fixed a problem with RMB claims on the submission file. RMB province was set to patient province rather than claim province.

Web PBA 3.1.1 (Released November 26, 2014)

CAIS-5491 – Fixed a defect that caused paid claims to show as $0.00 in the Patient tab claim history.

CAIS-5489 – Fixed a defect that where Manual Review claims were not being flagged on the submission file.

CAIS-5485 – Added an hx8 explanation message to error file processing.

CAIS-5483 – Fixed an Actionscript error when selecting a facility.

CAIS-5472 – Fixed a defect that was adding Rejection Codes to a claim each time the scrollbar was double clicked.

CAIS-5470 – Fixed a defect that was clearing the diagnostic code.

CAIS-5467 – Allow commas in patient search field.

CAIS-5463 – Fixed the cursor focus after the Invalid User error message appears in the login screen.

CAIS-5461 – Fixed some formatting issues on the Unpaid & Unbalanced report.

CAIS-5454 – Removed the “Ctrl+A” shortcut from the ‘+’ icon tooltip. The shortcut is already used elsewhere.

CAIS-5450 – Fixed a defect that hid the start and stop times for physicians with Anesthesia specialty.

CAIS-5449 – Fix a defect to ensure that Claim Entry Defaults for physicians persist between sessions.

CAIS-5448 – Fixed the cursor focus after changing the number of units on a multi-day service.

CAIS-5447 – Fixed a defect that was changing the number of units after applying the same code over muli-days.

CAIS-5445 – Fixed a defect that caused the Move or Adjust Claim window to open when the scrollbar in the Claims Overview section was double clicked.

CAIS-5444 – Fixed a defect that was stopping the Diagnostic Code dropdown to remain open in the Patient Billing Defaults screen.

CAIS-5441 – Fixed a defect that caused an error when removing the default SLI code.

CAIS-5439 – Added (16) Nephrology to the list of physician specialties.

CAIS-5421 – Templates are now sorted by alphabetical order.

CAIS-5414 – Removed the title index number next to the provider’s name on the Manual Review form.

CAIS-5412 – Fixed a defect that caused the processing dialog to disappear while downloading files from the MOH.

CAIS-5411 – Moved the Custom Service Codes to the Facility level rather than Application level.

CAIS-5410 – Custom Service Codes can once again be added to the Schedule of Benefits.

CAIS-5409 – C062 has been added to the E083 inclusion list.

CAIS-5408 – The Help icon has been disabled. It will be enabled once the Help documentation is available.

CAIS-5404 – Removed the title index number before the provider names in the Select Physicians window.

CAIS-5403 – Increased the number of characters permitted in the EBS Username field.

CAIS-5400 – Fixed a file format problem with the Unpaid & Unbalanced Report.

CAIS-5399 – Fixed a defect that would not allow the Claim Report to open.

CAIS-5394 – Fixed a server error caused by adding a Template that includes a custom service code.

CAIS-5392 – Fixed several cursor focus issues in the Claim Entry screen.

CAIS-5390 – Fixed a server error that was caused by selecting a referring physician in combination with changing the start and stop times.

CAIS-5389 – Changes to the colour scheme now persist between sessions.

CAIS-5374 – Group RA processing is now functional.

CAIS-5369 – Problems when downloading RA files have been resolved.

CAIS-5348 – Corrected the options that are available when manually moving claims.

CAIS-5339 – Claims with no services added are now grouped by creation date.

CAIS-5338 – Fixed several issues with the patient search field. The Enter key or search icon must now be pressed in order to execute the search.

CAIS-5335 – The correct formatting tooltip has been added to the Code field in the Quick Codes Details window.

CAIS-5334 – Stopped the Save Edits button from appearing/flashing when submitting a claim.

CAIS-5329 – PBA now remembers the last Billing For physician selected and automatically selects them at the next login.

CAIS-5322 – When adding a new patient, if the health card number is invalid, the OHIP field is cleared allowing the user to enter a new number.

CAIS-5193 – Navigating to PBA from a different module will prompt the Change Bill For Physician window to open if there is no Bill For Physician already selected.

CAIS-5161 – Removed the index title number before the provider name on the Payment Consent form.

CAIS-5140 – Service date for a new claim now defaults to the last service date when using templates/macros.

CAIS-5118 – Fixed an Actionscript error when selecting a referring physician.

CAIS-4800 – Fixed a defect that allowed OHIP numbers with special characters to bypass health card validation.

Web PBA (Patch released November 17, 2014)

CAIS-5436 – Submission File Sequence number is now three digits.

Web PBA (Patch released November 10, 2014)

CAIS-5381 – Fixed a defect that caused duplicate services to appear in the services table.

CAIS-5380 – Fixed a defect that was causing a duplicate services error.

Web PBA (Patch released November 7, 2014)

CAIS-5354 – Applied another fix to the PDF reports for received MOH files that were not rendering.

CAIS–5391 – Applied a fix for the NullPointerException errors that were occurring as a result of the last patch.

Web PBA (Patch released November 4, 2014)

CAIS-5354 – Fixed the PDF reports for the received MOH files that were not rendering.

Web PBA 3.1 (released October 31, 2014)

CAIS-5333 – The CAIS Sever Error after changing a service date has been resolved
CAIS-5316 –  The Error message for users with no EBS account has been modified
CAIS-5313 – Updated the list of OHIP Specialties
CAIS-5293 – User can search using a combination of first name, middle name and last name.
CAIS-5286 – Reconcile section now shows the total number of Rejected claims
CAIS-5248 – Create claim when selecting RMB after login now works
CAIS-5247 – Clear the active claim when creating and transferring submission file
CAIS-5244 – PBA/Scheduler integration, backend process is now in place
CAIS-5225 – Templates list now refreshes automatically when the bill for physician is changed
CAIS-5209 – Fixed defect where the claim entry screen remains disabled after pasting a OHIP number in the search field and hitting tab key.
CAIS-5208 – Fixed defect where RMB Province control shows Alberta (AB) as the selected province but the province is not actually selected
CAIS-5189 – Added a new “Create PBA Claims” optional access privilege to each of the user roles.
CAIS-5178 – The [X] button on the Read OHIP Card pop up now cancels and closes the dialog.
CAIS-5164 – Card data is now Normalized
CAIS-5162 – MOH patient data to CAIS patient data is now compared when the EBS MCEDT validation occurs.
CAIS-5160 – Using the card reader in the patient tab will now select an existing patient or add the new patient.
CAIS-5159 – When the card reader is swiped, a new claim is started and the patient is added to the claim.
CAIS-5157 – In Claim Entry, after swiping a card and validating, the user can either add a new patient or select an existing patient.
CAIS-5147 – Added the Card Reader feature to the PBA Patient screen
CAIS-5146 – Added the Card Reader feature to the PBA Claim Entry screen
CAIS-5145 – After a successful card swipe and validation, the Confirm Card Reader Data window now opens
CAIS-5144 – After a successful card swipe the card is validated using EBS MC EDT
CAIS-5143 – Changed the “OHIP Card Swipe” window title to “Read OHIP Card”
CAIS-5142 – When a health card is swiped but not read successfully, an Alert message now appears
CAIS-5141 – When the user clicks the card reader icon, the Read OHIP Card window now opens.
CAIS-5136 – The number of claims in each of the subsections of the “Awaiting payment” section now appear.
CAIS-5135 – Template dates no longer default to today’s date
CAIS-5134 – The patient/OHIP search functionality has been improved
CAIS-5127 – The word CAIS no longer appears twice in the CAIS application footer
CAIS-5126 – Two different users are no longer able to use the same bill for physician simultaneously

Web PBA (Patch released October 22, 2014)

CAIS-5292 – PBA > Claim Entry > Entering a one character search string when searching a large patient database causes significant delay. Optimize the search.

Web PBA 3.0.1 (released October 1, 2014)

CAIS-5133 – Selecting a patient which was searched through the OHIP # field in claim entry window throws an ActionScript error 1009
CAIS-5124 – Clicking on the Edit patient icon from top right throws an ActionScript error # 1009
CAIS-5120 – PBA duplicate payment issue
CAIS-5119 – List of ‘Bill For’ physicians is empty
CAIS-5118 – Actionscript error after adding a new referring physician
CAIS-5077 – Clicking on the Patients tab throws an ActionScript Error
CAIS-5073 – Disabling a user in a facility should remove that facility name from the ‘Facility or Office dropdown list on login page
CAIS-5061 – After changing password, change the facility and bill for physician to other than what was used in the last successful login and get the invalid password message
CAIS-5052 – DX doesn’t apply after selecting multi day
CAIS-5050 – Order the claims by procedure date (desc) in the Patient tab
CAIS-5047 – Patient Details interface displays incorrect MRN number (copies the same number as patient’s chart number)
CAIS-5045 – The total number of claims is always zero in the Awaiting Payment section
CAIS-5038 – Version Code does not render on Claim Entry screen

Web PBA 3.0 (released September 10, 2014)

The PBA version number merged with CAIS version number to reflex the new framework that allows integration between all CAIS modules, including PBA

CAIS-4716 – Flash crashes when clicking on the Archives tab
CAIS-4715 – Claim Entry > Macro > Ensure that the selected diagnostic code for a service is included in the macro
CAIS-4714 – Claim Entry > Dx > Search > User needs the ability to scroll through diagnostic codes by system
CAIS-4713 – Claim Entry > The Diagnostic Code description should display in the Desc. field below the list of procedure codes
CAIS-4712 – Patient Search > Include middle name when searching for a patient
CAIS-4711 – Web PBA > New Claim > Add Macro doesn’t work properly
CAIS-4710 – Claim Report Dialog > Exclude errors from claims list
CAIS-4709 – Macro > The incremental dates in the macro codes must be maintained
CAIS-4708 – PBA > User Authentication > User who has not completed the security questions setup needs to do that > Modify error message text for clarity
CAIS-4707 – Claim Entry > Validation error indicating a facility admit date is required even though a date was entered
CAIS-4706 – Claim Entry > Unable to select “DIRECT” from the program options for the first claim.
CAIS-4705 – WebPBA > Quick Codes > Procedure added from Template doesn’t use correct date
CAIS-4704 – After Hours Premiums do not work for specific codes
CAIS-4703 – Claim Entry > Facility > New claim no longer uses same facility data as last claim during a session
CAIS-4702 – WebPBA > Direct Claim > Checking the GST/HST/PST checkboxes gives CAIS error message
CAIS-4701 – Claim Entry > The last selected Facility is not set automatically after the browser is closed and PBA is opened again.
CAIS-4700 – Ensure that the PAID amounts render
CAIS-4699 – PBA > User Authentication > Change password > Invalid user > Cancel button performs validation as opposed to taking the user to the login page
CAIS-4698 – Claim Entry > The Admit date is no longer cleared for new claims
CAIS-4697 – WebPBA > Tools > Physician Settings > Close button on Physician and Application Settings dialog does not work

Web PBA 1.1 (released August 7, 2014)

This is the first major release since Web PBA was first deployed. It includes several defect fixes and several new major pieces of functionality, including: Real-time health card validation; Automated MC EDT file transfer and processing; Customizable templates and code check boxes; Direct billing.

PBA-1218 – WebPBA > User Account Management > Email notifications are not working in the change password flow
PBA-1208 – Claim Entry > Edits are not saved after removing the Admit Date
PBA-1207 – Claims Overview > When you click on a claim that is part of a future date grouping, it moves to the current date grouping
PBA-1206 – Facility Quick Codes > Remove Facility Quick Codes from old Admin Section
PBA-1203 – WebPBA > Claim Entry > Cannot click on the calendar icon to change the procedure date
PBA-1202 – WebPBA > Claim Entry > Referring Physician > Using exact 6 numbers not already associated with any billing physicians does not present Add A New Billing Physician option
PBA-1201 – Login > If the Bill For physician does not have a group number, it says “null” on the login screen
PBA-1200 – WebPBA > Claim Entry > User should be restricted to input only 5 characters in the Service Code field
PBA-1199 – Concurrency > User is able to access the a Bill For physician this is already in use by another user.
PBA-1198 – RA Codes > Add “HB” to the Remittance Advice explanatory codes database
PBA-1197 – Patient Information > BIlling Defaults > There is an actionscript error when clicking the Default Referring Physician “Add” button
PBA-1196 – PBA Quick Codes > Template List not updated when “Cancel” is clicked
PBA-1195 – User Password appears in Patient Search Field
PBA-1194 – WebPBA > Patient Details page > Facility Logo section displays null instead of the facility phone number
PBA-1193 – WebPBA > Edit Schedule of Benefits > Adding custom code to a claim gives ActionScript Error message – Error #1034
PBA-1192 – WebPBA > Quick Codes > Adding a custom Quick Code throws CAIS error message and prevents from adding Quick Code to the template
PBA-1191 – WebPBA > Quick Codes > Units in front of Quick Codes do not reset to 1 when a new claim is filed
PBA-1190 – Quick Codes > Codes don’t appear when template is selected
PBA-1189 – WebPBA > 3rd Party Case Add/edit > User can add a case with insurance company name ONLY which later causes a CAIS Server Error upon save and exit
PBA-1179 – WebPBA > Quick Codes > Quick Code Details pop up > Code Description needs to be limited
PBA-1178 – Session > The session timeout no longer works
PBA-1177 – Colour Scheme > Some dialogs do not use the user defined colour scheme
PBA-1176 – Login > Billing For Physician is not automatically populated on subsequent login after the Facility is changed
PBA-1175 – WebPBA > Claim Entry > PBA does not remember smallest font size from last session
PBA-1174 – WebPBA > Claim Entry > ‘+’ key on the keyboard submits the claim but displays an error message as well
PBA-1173 – Patient Referral Information > Insurance > Add a “Company” field to the Insurance tab.
PBA-1172 – Claim Entry > ASA Class > User must hit the tab key twice in order to move from the ASA Class to the service code table.
PBA-1171 – Claim Entry > After adding a brand new physician to the Referring physician field, the focus should move to the next field.
PBA-1170 – Bill For > The search option does not work in the “Change ‘Billing For’ Physician” dialog
PBA-1169 – Edit Pharmacy > Change button label from ‘Search’ to ‘Add’
PBA-1167 – Invoice Dialog – Can’t choose alternate patient address
PBA-1166 – MOHLTC Hx > The MOHLTC Hx list does not refresh after changing the Bill For physician
PBA-1164 – MOHLTC Hx > List filter dropdowns stay open after making selection
PBA-1163 – Facility > No matter which facility you select when logging in, it always logs you into the first facility on the list
PBA-1162 – Claim Entry > Inactive or Deceased patients should be greyed out in the search results and should generate a warning message when the full OHIP number is entered directly to the OHIP fieldield
PBA-1161 – WebPBA > Direct Billing > Preset comments on Create Paper Invoice are not saved between sessions
PBA-1160 – WebPBA > ‘X’ to close the VERSION CODE AUDIT HISTORY window does not work
PBA-1158 – Claim Entry > Add the Middle Name field to the claim entry screen
PBA-1157 – Login > Invalid Password > I was able to type in a new password while the “Invalid Password” error message was open
PBA-1156 – PBA Direct Billing > Cannot access 3rd party contacts using ‘New To Address’ button on create paper invoice interface
PBA-1155 – MOHLTC Hx > There is a CAIS server error when trying to open the MOHLTC Hx tab
PBA-1154 – Claim Entry > AsynchCallback error after adding D900 code
PBA-1152 – Direct BIlling > There is a CAIS Server Error when trying to print a direct invoice
PBA-1151 – Claim Entry > The last selected Facility is not set automatically after the browser is closed and PBA is opened again.
PBA-1150 – Direct Billing > A new Direct Billing claim was created with the same account number as a previous claim
PBA-1149 – Invoice Dialog – Display on claim submit
PBA-1148 – Submission of direct bills should bypass validation
PBA-1147 – Claim Entry > Facility > Improve the facility search
PBA-1146 – Claim Entry > Facility > Call to server overwrites search string
PBA-1143 – PBA Direct Billing > Duplicate 3rd parties are allowed to be added
PBA-1142 – Quick Codes > Quick Codes Details > After entering a Code you have to hit the tab key twice in order to move to the next field
PBA-1141 – PBA Quick Codes > A blank template is saved in the template list in PBA and CAIS Admin
PBA-1140 – PBA Quick Codes > Templates list does not show either physician level or facility level templates
PBA-1139 – PBA Quick Codes > BMI Calculator does not perform calculations
PBA-1138 – Enable Claim Entry interface for Direct Billing
PBA-1137 – Create Reconciliation Record when an Invoice is printed
PBA-1136 – WebPBA > Claim Entry > Cannot add a Direct claim for patient
PBA-1135 – WebPBA > Edit Patient > Add Physician tab > cannot add new physician
PBA-1134 – WebPBA > Quick Codes > Quick Codes view gets distorted when more than one Quick Code is added to a template
PBA-1133 – Staff Member > Alternate Address List (3rd Party Billing Requirement)
PBA-1132 – WebPBA > Double clicking on a claim in patient details window gives an error message and does not open claim.
PBA-1129 – CAIS > Admin Module > Add/Edit a Quick Code to a facility template > Server error
PBA-1106 – WebPBA > Quick Codes > Duplicate Template Names are allowed
PBA-1104 – Claim Entry > Time units do not calculate correctly when start and stop times span multiple days
PBA-1103 – WebPBA > Quick Codes > Quick Code Details pop up > No error messages are displayed
PBA-1102 – WebPBA > Quick Codes > Cannot add a new Quick Code to a template
PBA-1101 – WebPBA> Quick Codes > BMI Calculator
PBA-1100 – WebPBA > Quick Codes > Add Quick Codes button is missing or mislabelled
PBA-1099 – Quick Codes > UI Tweaks based on feedback
PBA-1065 – Claim Entry > Macro Codes > Limit the number of characters for a macro name to 4 characters
PBA-1063 – Web PBA > Claim Entry > SLI drop down has two issues
PBA-1057 – Patients > Increase the facility info font size and logo size
PBA-1054 – Ensure that text boxes are the correct size and are aligned properly
PBA-1052 – Edit Pharmacy > The validated fields are highlighted in red even when there is valid data
PBA-1050 – Patient Info > Additional > Primary Language > If you enter a primary language that is not in the database, the cursor moves to the start of the search field after a call to the database
PBA-1049 – Web PBA > Claim Entry Window > Service code description is incorrect
PBA-1048 – Update the list of Ontario cities/towns in the database
PBA-1032 – Quick Codes > Implement Template CRUD Permissions
PBA-1030 – Quick Codes > Display the user’s templates beside the “Add Quick Codes” button
PBA-1027 – Update the PBA Master Facility List 2014
PBA-1021 – PBA Quick Codes > Not all of the BMI Calculator UI is visible
PBA-1010 – Manual Review Form > The patient name and provider names should be Last Name, First Name
PBA-1004 – Claim Entry > Tabbing out of ‘Sex’ and ‘Man Rev’ drop downs throws an ActionsScript error message
PBA-995 – Login > When you change the Billing For option from the login screen and try to login, there is a server error
PBA-993 – Claims Overview > The dollar amount in the section headings are not complete
PBA-992 – Claim Entry > Tab Text Input > The tab text input options all change back to yellow after changing them to a different colour, signing out and signing back in.
PBA-989 – Claim Entry > Patient Search > The DOB in the patient search results window as a dash (-) rather than a slash (/)
PBA-988 – Claim Entry > The default diagnosis (Dx) feature no longer works.
PBA-987 – Claim Entry > Facility changed from Grey in Wiarton to Trillium Credit Valley
PBA-986 – Claim Entry > Delete Claim > Created all claims for physician “Ann Esthesia”. Trying to delet a claim but getting the message that can’t create a claim for “Serge Assist”
PBA-985 – Claim Entry > Patient Search > Patients with no set gender show as “U” in the search results
PBA-984 – Claim Entry > Clicking or tabbing into any field in the service code table should highlight the entire contents of the cell
PBA-983 – Change the date in the PBA web page header to the standard YYYY/MM/DD format
PBA-981 – Claims Submission Report > Add the File Name to the Claims Submission Report header
PBA-978 – Patient Information > “Mrs” does not appear in Title dropdown
PBA-977 – ActionScript Error on clicking Service Code Percent Dropdown
PBA-976 – WebPBA > Login > CAIS Server Error pop up
PBA-975 – PBA > Claim Entry > Billing physician name change is not updated in the top left header of the page
PBA-974 – Bill For > Change > The list of physicians should render as “lastname, firstname” in the “Change ‘Billing For’ Physician window.
PBA-973 – Claim Entry > Clicking Save & Exit in Patient Information dialog causes an ActionScript error
PBA-972 – Claim Entry > Claims Overview > Ensure that all of the section headings are left aligned
PBA-970 – Claim Entry > ActionScript Error on clicking DX code dropdown arrow
PBA-969 – Patients Tab > ActionScript Error on Edit Patient
PBA-965 – Patient Demographics > The Validate Error dialog does not have any buttons
PBA-964 – Patient Demographics > Buttons not visible on Close Dialog
PBA-963 – Claim Entry > ActionScript Error when Clicking on Calendar button
PBA-961 – ActionScript Error on clicking the procedure code dropdown arrow
PBA-958 – Test PBA and Scheduler Merge
PBA-956 – Implement backend logic for retrieving and maintain version code changs history
PBA-955 – Create health card version code history dialog
PBA-954 – Implement logic to keep track of version code changing history
PBA-952 – Need to add a toggle to trigger real-time HCV for a selected patient
PBA-951 – Need to add real-time hcv logic into new patient creation
PBA-950 – Add new patient hcv into new claim creation
PBA-947 – Implement backend logic to handle validation timeframe
PBA-946 – Integrate HCV for new patient on claim entry section
PBA-945 – Create backend data model for version code history
PBA-944 – EBS – Health Card Validation Epic
PBA-937 – Web PBA > Claim Entry > Start/Stop time changes back to the old value after entering service code
PBA-936 – Web PBA > Claim Entry > ASA drop down value is not saved automatically
PBA-935 – Web PBA > Claim Entry > Facility gets populated automatically even after being removed from previous claim
PBA-934 – Automated MC EDT > Create the design spec for the Automated MC EDT functionality
PBA-933 – Health Card Validation > Create the design spec for real time OHIP health card validation
PBA-930 – Invoice Dialog – User Preset Comments
PBA-929 – Select New Invoice Contact
PBA-928 – Taxes on Invoiced Claims
PBA-927 – 3rd Party Case Add/Edit
PBA-926 – 3rd Party Contact Add/Edit
PBA-925 – 3rd Party Contact Search
PBA-924 – Patient Demographics – 3rd Party Tab
PBA-923 – Populate the Facility Template List
PBA-922 – Delete Quick Code
PBA-921 – Edit Quick Code
PBA-920 – Create Quick Code
PBA-919 – Update Delete Quick Code Template
PBA-918 – Update Edit Quick Code Template
PBA-917 – Update Add Quick Code Template
PBA-916 – Update the QuickCode data model
PBA-915 – Update the Admin module UI for Quick Codes
PBA-908 – Add Quick Codes to a Claim
PBA-907 – Populate the User Template List
PBA-906 – Create the Facility Template Details dialog
PBA-905 – Update the Quick Code List data model
PBA-904 – Create the Quick Code Details dialog.
PBA-903 – Modify the Quick Code item renderer
PBA-902 – Create the Template Details dialog
PBA-901 – Create the Add Quick Codes dialog
PBA-893 – Claim Entry > Edits to patient demographics are not saved when submitting a claim
PBA-890 – Claim Entry > Cursor focus does not always move to next control after Stop time is added
PBA-889 – Patients > The patient list and patient list search box should clear when the user leaves the Patients tab
PBA-888 – Claim Entry > Start/Stop time > If the start and stop times are both empty and you enter a start time the cursor should move to the stop time
PBA-887 – Claim Entry > After entering a service code and pressing the down arrow the focus should move to the next empty line.
PBA-879 – Add PBA to the new application framework
PBA-863 – Generate Invoice Document SQL
PBA-862 – Create Invoice Data Object
PBA-858 – Manual Invoice Interface for Direct Billing
PBA-826 – Claim Entry > After adding a referring physician and hitting the tab key, the focus should move to the Start time
PBA-819 – Create the design plan for the User Account Management functionality
PBA-815 – Long label is cut off when last name is too long
PBA-739 – Claim Entry > Premiums are not added for dates that are added to the Holiday Schedule
PBA-395 – Claim Entry > Program > Program dropdown is disabled and set to OHIP after login
Claim Entry > When you check the “Surgical Assistant” box in the Setup tab, the start/stop options do not appear in the claim entry
PBA-86 – Change bill for physician function should work

This release fixes several defects that were identified by our Beta users and includes some new functionality.

PBA-888 – Claim Entry > Start/Stop time > If the start and stop times are both empty and you enter a start time the cursor should move to the stop time
PBA-883 – Login > disable the background interface when the “Login Error” message appears
PBA-881 – Claim Entry > Start/Stop Times > The start time is not always selected when it is clicked.
PBA-880 – Patients > If a date of birth was not entered for a patient, the summary in the Patient tab says “Born Jan 00, NaN (0 years old…)”
PBA-876 – EBS MCEDT > Web service communication framework
PBA-873 – PBA Overview > Data is not loading on first view
PBA-867 – Claim Entry > When you tab into the Start/Stop time field, the Start time should be selected
PBA-857 – Create 3rd Party Billing Entity
PBA-856 – Create 3rd Party Billing Case
PBA-692 – Claim Entry > The type of transaction (Pay, Adjust, Swap etc.) is not visible in the grid

Web PBA (Patch released June 5, 2014)

This is a patch release to fix a defect found during sanity testing in Production.

PBA-892 – Physician’s default diagnostic code was not added to submission file

Web PBA 1.0.2 (released June 4, 2014)

This release fixes defects that were found during Beta testing.

PBA-886 – Claim Entry > The number of time units next to the start and stop times is incorrect
PBA-885 – Claim Entry > New Claim > The “+” icon for creating a new claim does not work
PBA-884 – Patients > New patient appears in Patient list multiple times
PBA-882 – Claim Entry > There is another asynchCallback() – error, this time when entering a claim with a premium
PBA-874 – Claim Entry > asynchCallback() – error – variable was not set to null after last call
PBA-870 – Claim Entry > After entering an existing patient’s entire OHIP number into the search field and then hitting tab, it selects the patient but the search list is still open
PBA-868 – Claim Entry > When adding a new OHIP number to the OHIP field to add a new patient and then hit the tab key, it should focus to the VC field
PBA-865 – E078 Not Applying to Certain Codes

Web PBA 1.0.1 (released May 15, 2014)

This release includes defect fixes and new functionality.

PBA-854 – Claim Entry > For service codes that require a diagnostic code, make the “REQ” text red
PBA-852 – Patient search > The search does not recognize numbers
PBA-851 – Claim Report Dialog > Include the error code and transaction type in the claim report dialog
PBA-849 – Claim Report > Add the “Not Submitted” services to the claim
PBA-842 – Claim Report > There are discrepancies in the Claim report
PBA-841 – Fix the data grid skin
PBA-835 – Patient Information > Other Contacts > Remove the horizontal scrolling in the Select Contact Type dropdown
PBA-834 – Claim Entry > When a user logs in the start and stop time should be reset to 00:00
PBA-832 – Patient Information > Other Contacts > There is no scrolling when multiple contacts are added
PBA-830 – Claim Entry > Ensure that the premium inclusions are working correctly
PBA-829 – Claims Overview > In Archive > The number of days is incorrect
PBA-828 – Claim Entry > Referring Physician > Tabbing out of empty referring physician field adds previously selected physician
PBA-825 – Claim Entry > ASA > After changing the ASA class the premium was not added
PBA-816 – Popup appears when adding a Physician to a patient
PBA-812 – Setup > Sometimes the Speciality to set to the wrong value
PBA-810 – Claim Entry > When adding a new patient to the claim entry screen, some of the OHIP number digits are lost
PBA-799 – Claim Entry > Facilities > New claims should not be able to use an invalid facility
PBA-795 – Phone Number Control > Show default area code only when focus is in the phone control
PBA-686 – Port over more fields from desktop PBA

Web PBA 1.0 (released May 2, 2014)

Web PBA is born! This is the first major release of Web PBA, used for beta testing.