Medtel Software Ltd. OHIP Billing Software and Billing Agents

The desktop Personal Billing Assistant was MedTel’s original software product way back in 1997 and evolved greatly over the years, making it the premier OHIP physician billing software for a generation.


Originally a desktop application, it has evolved even further to the cloud based web application that is now our staple product but there are still many who haven’t made the transition to the cloud and we fully support these clients with regular updates to the desktop version of PBA.


If you’re looking to join the hundreds of PBA users who have already made the switch to the cloud, contact our sales staff and they’ll be with you every step of the way as you make the transition to the new and improved PBA.

Updating Instructions


If you’re still using the desktop version of PBA and want to update to the latest release, follow these instruction:


  1. Perform a backup
  2. Make sure PBA is closed
  3. Click the “Download PBA 4.0H” button
  4. Click on “Save File”
  5. Locate the saved file and double click it
  6. Click on “Run”
  7. Click “Start”
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions
  9. Click “Close”


Please note that this release includes the latest Schedule of Benefits changes that were effective December 21, 2015.

Join the cloud. Get PBA web based OHIP billing.